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Pain supplements for horses – Save your equine from soreness and lameness

A winning horse is a healthy horse. No matter how many hours per day you spend training with your equine, your athlete is bound to lose if they’re racked with pain. Soreness, stiffness, or any other type of discomfort can manifest themselves as everything from an abnormal gait to a lethargic behavior. Either way, these conditions not only undermine your equine’s performance but put their life at risk unless adequate medical care is provided. That’s when you want to have horse pain medications on tap.

Whether your equine suffers from pain due to an infection, musculoskeletal disorder, or muscle tears, we have what you need to alleviate it. Browse your way through painkillers, NSAIDs, dietary supplements, and other products to help your horse perform without discomfort.

Medications and supplements for joint pain

Does it seem like your equine athlete has arthritis? This condition may be a side effect of years of exposing your horse to high-intensity training. And if your equine has a genetic predisposition, hoof deformity, or poor overall well-being, joint inflammation may become even worse. You can notice it as gait issues, lameness, and other physical signs showing your horse is in poor health.

But don’t worry. At Tacoma Vet Medications, you can find a myriad of inflammation supplements for horses with arthritis. You can choose from NSAIDs and dietary products rich in hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, and other natural ingredients that can help relieve joint pain in your horse. These products are formulated to reduce oxidative stress and protect the cartilage to prevent deterioration, bringing your racing athlete back on the lane.

What’s more, our products are not only the best supplements for inflammation in joints. Their natural ingredients and vitamin-rich formulas are also great for horses without arthritis. With dietary supplements, you can promote joint health in any equine, especially aging ones.

Painkiller injections and meds for muscle problems

Is your horse experiencing muscle problems? Strains and sprains are common in equine athletes and often result from strenuous activity, soft tissue injuries, or poor conditioning. No matter the cause, you can help your horse get over it with medications.

Injections and supplements for pain in muscles allow a horse to recover from strains and sprains more quickly. That’s because they speed up tissue regeneration and suppress symptoms. By doing so, they ensure a speedy recovery and minimize discomfort your horse experiences along the way. You can then combine medications with physical therapy and other vet-recommended treatments to improve your equine’s mobility and endurance.

Order now for the sake of your horse’s pain-free performance

Whether you’re looking for horse pain medications for joint, muscle, or other ailments, Tacoma Vet Medications has got you covered. Here you can buy as many of them as you need with MoneyGram, WU, cryptocurrency, or wire transfer.

Shipping is free if you spend $800 or more. In other cases, you can get shipping fees calculated at the checkout based on your location and delivery method.

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    For the treatment of uterine infections (endometritis, metritis and pyometra) in mares, when caused by susceptible organisms including Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas sp and Klebsiella sp.https://www.tacomavetmedication.com

    • The use of AMIGLYDE-V in eliminating infections caused by the above organisms has been shown clinically to improve fertility in infected mares.
    • While nearly all strains of Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas sp and Klebsiella sp, including those that are resistant to gentamicin, kanamycin or other aminoglycosides, are susceptible to amikacin at levels achieved following treatment, it is recommended that the invading organism be cultured and its susceptibility demonstrated as a guide to therapy.https://www.tacomavetmedication.com
    • Amikacin susceptibility discs, 30 mcg, should be used for determining in vitro susceptibility.
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  • ATP injection(Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) is utilized in the Kreb’s Cycle – which physiologically is one of the key providers of energy to muscle and other cells, especially during strenuous endurance work.

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  • It Can be used with any medication or supplement. Aminoplex is used as a general conditioning agent in overcoming nutritional and anemic conditions. Each cc contains 1000 mcg. of B12 plus Iron, Liver, B Complex, and other vitamins and enzymes essential to good health and well being.

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  • Buy Bio Blocker  100ml is the only safe & effective pain blocker that does not swab, that really works.

    Bio Blocker is for the serious & elite competitor looking for the edge.

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  • Buy Dexaphenylarthrite 100ml Online – Vetoquinol l Online from us at very competitive prices. We are 100% legit and efficient supplier of performance supplements for equine sports. We offer the best market prices and offer a huge discount for bulk buyers. Packaging and shipping are ver

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  • Potent Anti-Inflammatory and Diuretic Formula

    Breakthrough scientific research has led to the release of an exciting and revolutionary new product Dexarectic developed exclusively for the Camel racing industry. What makes this product unique is not only the research and science but also being able to treat the Camel within 5 days of racing. With the long hard racing season ahead every training should be looking at getting the winning edge by using Dexarectic.


    • Superior stamina and strength
    • 6 day dexarectic technology
    • Treat inflammatory and autoimmune conditions
    • 5 Day Withdrawal Period
    • Diuretic
    • Pain Relief
    • Fights Fatigue
    • Effective and safe to use
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  • Ketofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug that can be used to alleviate inflammation and pain associated with musculoskeletal disorders in the horse.

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  • Prosteron is a synthetic glucorticoid hormone with dexamethasone phosphate which simulates the effect of corticosteroids producing natural dexamethasone in the body. This hormone is ideal for those who are looking to acquire great endurance in races and a strong pain blocker.

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  • Yohimbine hydrochloride is a specific α2A-adrenoreceptor antagonist with central action. It is an effective antagonist to xylazine in horses and camels. In horse, yohimbine hydrochloride is an effective antagonist to xylazine sedation in red, fallow. 4Aminopyridine is an antagonist to nondepolarising neuromuscular blocking drugs and is known to greatly enhance transmission at the neuromuscular junction and partially effects the number of anaesthetics and sedatives. The effects of the antagonist are mainly attributed to direct anatagonism of xylazine by 4-aminipyridine and yohimbine, there effects are only considered partial.

    • Anaesthesia Reversal
    • Reversal of sedation
    • Boosts Circulation
    • Reduce Pain
    • Improves Athlete Performance
    • Decreases Blood Clotting
    • May Help Treat Arthritis
    • Promotes Fat Burning and Weight Loss

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  • Edo Antipran is an antibiotic that works by treating and controlling the effects of our bovine, equine, ovine and canine species.Edo Antripan Hemoparasiticide Diminazene diaceturate, Oxytetracycline, Edo Antripan Hemoparasiticide Diminazene diaceturate, Oxytetracycline, Antipyrine, Vitamin B-12 which Function as Broad spectrum haemoparasiticide for the complete treatment against Hemoparasites such as Anaplasma, Babesia and Trypanosome. Diminazene diaceturate …

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  • Last minute paste

    A paste formulated to be given as a last minute aid to really provide the energy to finish the race strongly.
    Guaranteed to give the energy to the horse when its needed most, the last furlong.

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    MAGNABONE–5ML Bisphosphonates act to inhibit bone resorption by decreasing the number and activity of osteoclasts by inducing apoptosis, or cell deat

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  • Pain Killer A breakthrough in pain relief for our equine competitors.
    This product is a unique blend of herbs and homeopathic ingredients.

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  • Pain Killer Pastes  A breakthrough in pain relief for our equine competitors.
    This product is a unique blend of herbs and homeopathic ingredients.

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  • PHENYLBUTAZONE (200mg/ml) (also known as bute) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.  It also has analgesic (pain relieving) and antipyretic (fever-reducing) effects and is indicated for the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal d

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  • Recovery EQ Powder, 2.2  is a wholly natural nutritional product that contains Nutricol� a proprietary formulation of natural ingredients. Comprehensive research and published studies indicate that these ingredients may be of special benefit for animals suffering from conditions associated with chronic pain and inflammation. These conditions include, but are not limited to: Arthritis (breakdown of …

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