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  • AMITOP-S ,Livestock is required to take supplementary vitamins, minerals and dextrose not only normal metabolic
    process but also periods of stress, pregnancy, bad weather and clinical or subclinical disease, etc.
    Amitop-S is highly concentrated preparations of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes & dextrose for
    veterinary surgery

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  • Breath up has a potent cardiotonic, circulatory and respiratory action. Significantly increases oxygenation, especially during exertion and eliminates fatigue.Description

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  • Buta flam 20 ml The combination of phenylbutazone and dexamethasone enhance animal’s resistance during training and race COMPOSITION Phenylbutazone Dexamethasone benzyl alcohol Disodium edetate INDICATIONS – Optimal product for racing animals – Anti-inflammation, analgesic, antipyretic METHOD OF ADMINISTRATION Apply 5 ml for 5 days – IM (suspend 7 days before the race). IV and IM …

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  • Performance horse are constantly subject to musculoskeletal problems (cramps, muscle fatigue, localized muscle or ligament strain, muscular trauma, myositis, tying up acute muscle spasms, etc.) requiring in all cases medicine to relax the muscles.

    Batacas is a powerful muscular tonic and relaxant that acts selectively upon the central nervous system, decreasing the hyperactivity of the striated muscle without altering its muscular tone and so “breaking” the vicious circle contracture -pain- contracture, also improving blood irrigation and oxygenation. This balances the tone and speeds up metabolite elimination, helping the animal to reach its optimum condition and whole strength. Batacas is indicated for animals subject to training and excercise also to speed up the recovery of those victims of accidents, illnesses, or immobilization.

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  • Buy Bio Blocker  100ml is the only safe & effective pain blocker that does not swab, that really works.

    Bio Blocker is for the serious & elite competitor looking for the edge.

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  • Edo Antipran is an antibiotic that works by treating and controlling the effects of our bovine, equine, ovine and canine species.Edo Antripan Hemoparasiticide Diminazene diaceturate, Oxytetracycline, Edo Antripan Hemoparasiticide Diminazene diaceturate, Oxytetracycline, Antipyrine, Vitamin B-12 which Function as Broad spectrum haemoparasiticide for the complete treatment against Hemoparasites such as Anaplasma, Babesia and Trypanosome. Diminazene diaceturate …

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  • FLUMAX 50 ml  is a potent analgesic, non-narcotic, non-steroidal, with anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activity, recommended in cases of pain, inflammation and/or fever for horses

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  • Last minute paste

    A paste formulated to be given as a last minute aid to really provide the energy to finish the race strongly.
    Guaranteed to give the energy to the horse when its needed most, the last furlong.

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  • Pain Killer A breakthrough in pain relief for our equine competitors.
    This product is a unique blend of herbs and homeopathic ingredients.

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  • Pentoflex Gold 50ml   is a new variation of previously used nutrients utilising the benefits of directly supplying the body and joints with a high quality effective dosage of bioavailable

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