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Buy Absorbine Pro CMC Gastric Relief Formula


Absorbine Pro CMC Gastric Relief for All Horses is formulated to calm nervous stomachs and relieve gastric distress. Coats and soothes the stomach lining as it neutralizes stomach acid. An excellent source of calcium and magnesium. Give 2 oz. daily.


64 oz Bottle


Absorbine Pro CMC Gastric Relief supplement

Thrilled to see your equine friend happily munching on hay and treats? Do not hesitate to give them superb-quality care and supplements to live a long, healthy, and distress-free life. This is why you should have the Absorbine Pro CMC Gastric Relief Formula for sale.
This 64-oz formula supports equine stomach health by calming gastric distress and supplementing your horse’s digestive fluid. Its ingredients gently relieve inflammation and ease discomfort. 
Add the apple-flavored Pro CMC formula to your equine’s feed and see the difference in their mood and performance in a snap.

Why is Absorbine Pro CMC Gastric Relief so effective?

When the gastrointestinal tract microflora gets out of whack, your equine may be bothered by stomach issues, including diarrhea and colic. The Pro CMC formula forms a gel-like coating that adheres to the stomach lining, shielding ulcers from worsening due to digestive acid and minimizing the symptoms of the digestive disorder. The supplement is loaded with calcium and magnesium, which are great for warding off equine stomach issues and improving bone health.
If your horse seems uncomfortable after eating or is showing signs of gas or acid reflux, buy Absorbine Pro CMC to:

  • Relieve the symptoms your horse is experiencing
  • Support healthy digestion
  • Help firm up loose stools 

Because Absorbine is taken with food, it works directly at the site without absorption into the bloodstream. When used as recommended, the supplement has no side effects.


After you buy this gastric supplement for horses and mix it with their feed, Absorbine immediately relieves your animal’s condition and supports the healing process. Within a few days of starting the product, you should notice better appetite, decreased irritability, and less discomfort during riding or exercise.
Absorbine Pro CMC can be used short-term or long-term. For optimal results, consult your vet regarding the dosage and duration of supplement usage. The typically advised dose is 30-60 ml (1-2 oz) for a mature equine per intake.
Order this horse stomach supplement online and bring your steed to its usual energetic and playful self! We can get Absorbine to you within 3 days.


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