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Specifically developed for reproductive work in racing camels and horses. It gives excellent results in the synchronisation of cycles for matching Recipient and Donor female camels and horses in Embryo Transfer programmes. Camgest E can also be used to help with habitual embryomic loss early in pregnancy and cam suppress difficult behaviour in male camels and horses if needed.

Camgest E 50ml for sale

Camgest E is a long-awaited hormone-based medication for reproductive and behavioral anomalies in camels and horses. Available in injection-ready bottles, Camgest E 50ml combines progesterone and vitamin E for risk-free equine breeding.

If you’re looking to bolster your horse breeding program, Camgest E is the quintessential supplement to elevate your endeavors. It is based on progesterone to:

  • Galvanize the reproductive system
  • Help maintain pregnancies
  • Thwart the specter of early embryonic loss
  • Amplify reproductive outcomes

This medication also serves as a vigilant guardian, reducing the likelihood of ovarian irregularities in mares while countering vitamin E deficiencies that might hinder the reproductive process.

If you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of an embryo transfer procedure, you can also order the Camgest E injection online. As a master orchestrator, this medication harmonizes the cycles of the recipient and donor equines to maximize the success of the transfer process. It can be vital for nurturing equine life from inception.

Applications for male horses

Buying Camgest E 50ml online isn’t confined solely to reproduction. It is great for taming and refining stallion behavior as well. In judiciously measured doses, it quells male horses’ unruly tendencies and disruptive patterns while transforming your animal into a well-adjusted stallion. This can be of immense benefit to trainers and breeders.

You can buy Camgest E for any use at Tacoma Vet Medication. The hormone substance will be shipped in its original packaging. One 50ml bottle may meet your equine treatment needs for weeks as most breeding and behavior control programs can be facilitated with 2ml daily.


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