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Dexa-ject 2 mg/m


Dexa-ject 2 mg/ml Solution for Injection 100ml.Qualitative and quantitative composition Dexamethasone 2 mgas dexamethasone sodium phosphate 2.63 mg


Dexa-ject 2 mg/m Solution for Injection 100ml.Qualitative and quantitative composition Dexamethasone 2 mgas dexamethasone sodium phosphate 2.63 mg

Pharmaceutical form

Solution for injection.

Clear, colourless, aqueous solution.

Clinical particulars

Target species:

Cattle, horses, pigs, dogs and cats.

Indications for use

Horses, cattle, pigs, dogs and cats:

Treatment of inflammatory or allergic conditions.

Cattle:Dexa-ject 2 mg/m Dexa-ject 2 mg/m

Induction of parturition.

Treatment of primary ketosis (acetonaemia).

Horses:Dexa-ject 2 mg/m

Treatment of arthritis, bursitis or tenosynovitis.


Except in emergency situations, do not use in animals suffering from diabetes mellitus, renal insufficiency, cardiac insufficiency, hyperadrenocorticism or osteoporosis.

Do not use in viral infections during the viraemic stage or in cases of systemic mycotic infections.

Do not use in animals suffering from gastrointestinal or corneal ulcers, or demodicosis.

Do not administer intra-articularly where there is evidence of fractures, bacterial joint infections and aseptic bone necrosis.

Do not use in known cases of hypersensitivity to the active substance, to corticosteroids and to any other ingredient of the product.http://www.tacomavetmedication.com

Special warnings for each target species Dexa-ject 2 mg/m


Special precautions for use Dexa-ject 2 mg/m

Special precautions for use in animals

Response to long-term therapy should be monitored at regular intervals by a veterinary surgeon.Use of corticosteroids in horses has been reported to induce laminitis. Therefore horses treated with such preparations should be monitored frequently during the treatment period.

Because of the pharmacological properties of the active ingredient, special care should be taken when the product is used in animals with a weakened immune system.http://www.tacomavetmedication.com

Except in cases of acetonaemia and induction of parturition, corticosteroid administration is to induce an improvement in clinical signs rather than a cure. The underlying disease should be further investigated. When treating groups of animals, use a draw-off needle to avoid excessive broaching of the stopper. The maximum number of broachings should be limited to 50.

Following intra-articular administration, use of the joint should be minimized for one month and surgery on the joint should not be performed within eight weeks of use of this route of administration.

Special precautions to be taken by the person administering the veterinary medicinal product to animals

People with known hypersensitivity to the active substance or any of the excipients should avoid contact with the product.

Wash hands after handling the product.

In case of accidental self-injection, seek medical advice and show the package leaflet or the label to the physician.

Pregnant women should not handle this veterinary medicinal product.Dexa-ject 2 mg/m



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