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Furofield Furosemide inhibits sodium reabsorption in the proximal convoluted tubules and in the ascending thick limb of Henle’s loop. The fact of blocking the crucial mechanism of sodium transport in this portion of the nephron

is able to inhibit the reabsorption of approximately 25% of the sodium filtered in the glomerulus. Those segments located beyond this point of the Loop are unable to reabsorb the overload of the sodium ion caused, which is responsible for a powerful natriuresis and consequent diuresis.
It promotes chloride and potassium excretion. Its diuretic effect is regardless the patient’s acid / base balance status. Dexamethasone has antiinflammatory and antistress activity. Clinical experience shows that the edemas are markedly reduced by this drug.
The diuretic combination of furosemide with the corticoid antiinflammatory activity presents an effective activity in the reduction of labor physiological edema in the mammary gland, and the reduction of edematous conditions accompanied or not by inflammation.

It is a product intended to the treatment of the edema reduction in general: pulmonary congestion and edema, brain edema, renal edema, gestation edema, pericardic edema, preputial edema, anasarca, ascitis, hydrothorax, bovine pre and post partum udder edema.

Large, medium and small species.Furofield

Large animals: 10 to 25 ml. Medium: sheep, goats,
Pigs: 2 to 4 ml. Small species: 0.25 a 0.5 ml according to the professional’s criteria and need.
Interval between doses of 12 to 24 hours or according to the pathology to treat and the acting professional’s criteria. Slow intravenous or intramuscular route.Furofield


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