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Grab an enhancement product to kick your equine’s abilities up a notch. Born from cutting-edge synthesis, ITPP powder is a performance booster that delivers fantastic results. The name stands for myo‐inositol trispyrophosphate, a compound that exerts its transformative effects on horses by forming an intimate bond with hemoglobin. When this connection is established, ITPP acts as the conductor, orchestrating a release of oxygen from hemoglobin to boost the oxygen supply to your equine’s vital tissues. 

Imagine your horse’s muscles, organs, and brain receiving a constant surge of oxygen. Our cheap ITPP supplement is the quickest way to achieve just that. 

ITPP can also be your horse’s ally against the lurking danger of hypoxia. By maximizing oxygen supply, it shields your equine from the consequences of this deficiency, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Sluggishness
  • Underperformance

Yet, most horse owners report the best results associated with ITPP when the substance is given for racing preparation.

At Tacoma Vet Medication, you can buy ITPP powder online, the purest form of myo‐inositol trispyrophosphate for horses. It is sealed in a bag to preserve its integrity and comes with a certificate of analysis so you can compare the amount and purity of the active substance.

We’ve taken care of administering ITPP to your horse. Each batch includes a convenient measuring scoop to provide the perfect enhancement dose without any guesswork. Shopping for myo‐inositol trispyrophosphate powder and making sure the right amount of ITPP ends up in your equine’s body has never been easier.


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