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KPI PAIN  s a combination of NSAID drug which is strong narcotic pain killer for muscular and joints pain and anti-inflammatory Antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, antistress, relieves pain after injuries, surgery or other acute pain, KPI -Antistress should be used in combination with antibiotic for better treatment of infectious diseases : infections, arthritis dislocated, sprained in cattle and poultry.

Cattle, camel :1 ml/ 15kg body weight/ day. Goat, sheep, dog, cat :1 ml/ 8 – 10kg body weight/ day.Poultry : 1 ml/ 5-6 kg body weight/ day or 5 ml/ 2-3 liters of water/ day. By intramuscular (I.M) or Intravenous (slowly) injection .Twice a day until signs of symptom disappear.Store in shade and dry place temperature below 30 °C

The purpose of the injection is to “turn off” a pain signal coming from a specific location in the body or to decrease inflammation in that area.

Usually a nerve block procedure takes 5-20 minutes but the part with the needle last about 1 minute. It takes another 15-45 minutes to start working fully depending on the area numb, the medication used and your personal response to the medication
You may experience soreness or a feeling of fullness at the injection site. You may experience muscle spasms. You may experience a neck ache or backache. Your blood pressure may decrease or increase.


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