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MPTS 360 Oxygen Nebulizer



MPTS 360 Oxygen Nebulizer for horses

There’s no denying horses and camels can endure almost everything. However, just like any athlete, they can suffer from respiratory issues and the impacts of overtraining that hinder their performance down the line. That’s where the cheap MPTS 360 Oxygen Nebulizer comes into play to optimize equine respiratory therapy and pave the way for oxygen-enhanced training sessions.

The MPTS 360 is a jet nebulizer that has adopted some considerable upgrades to become a game-changer for medicine and oxygen therapies. Its dual-nebulization feature ensures a precise and effective delivery of therapeutic mist deep into the respiratory system of horses and camels, and your animal doesn’t even have to exert an effort to breathe it in. Use it for equines with respiratory problems or exhausted athletes who need a nebulizer to facilitate their breathing cycles.

Complete veterinary nebulizer kit

The MPTS 360 is a comprehensive solution. It’s available for sale as a thoughtfully assembled kit that includes all the essential components for a seamless oxygen-assisted therapy experience. If you choose to buy the MPTS 360 Oxygen Nebulizer online, you will receive:

  • 8ml reservoir (you can also upgrade to the 20ml option)
  • Mixing plenum
  • Tubing and fittings
  • Universal horse nebulizer mask
  • Carrying case

The universal mask sits snugly on all horses and camels, regardless of the breed and facial features. This allows you to administer oxygen therapy for your animal with ease.

Designed for convenience

For veterinarians and equine owners, keeping horses calm and relaxed during therapy sessions is vital. The MPTS 360 equine nebulizer for sale can ensure this with its build that goes beyond a carefully designed mask. It also boasts a velcro quick-release mechanism that adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing for stress-free device application and removal.

With its one-way inlet and exhaust vents, the MPTS 360 delivers nebulized substances and mist in a controlled and efficient manner. The one-way inlet system facilitates the seamless flow of therapeutic agents without loss, while the exhaust vent expels any excess gases for optimal performance and safety throughout the therapy session.

Beyond traditional oxygen therapy

The applications of the MPTS 360 nebulizer machine for horses go far beyond basic respiratory therapy. This versatile dual-nebulization device redefines equine healthcare and recovery. Whether your horse is regaining their energy undermined by an on-track injury, undergoing lung regeneration, or requires medication delivery directly into the respiratory system, the MPTS 360 is your go-to solution.

Alternatively, the MPTS 360 is an invaluable tool for altitude training. By simulating high-altitude conditions, this multi-purpose nebulizer helps horses develop greater lung capacity and oxygen utilization. This can give them a competitive edge if you take your equine to racing or performing at high altitudes.

Buy today

Now is the perfect time to invest in the best nebulizer machine for horses. With its dual-nebulization features and streamlined oxygen delivery system, the MPTS 360 is a must-have device for veterinarians and horse owners looking to optimize their equine’s respiratory health.

Buy the complete MPTS 360 kit at Tacoma Vet Medication, and let us know if you want to take a look at the device manual first.


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