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Neofin aqua



Neofin aqua  is a somatotropic hormone that is produced in the brain by endogenous secretion. Which works under the direction of hormones

This growth hormone has become more available in the sports world. At the moment, athletes and athletes are all the time looking for a decent growth hormone and very often use a not entirely high-quality product, thereby taking a great risk, making their body healthier, and overpaying a lot of money. But our online store invites you to purchase a quality product at an affordable price.

Neofin Aqua

MGT Neofin Aqua is a growth hormone that is secreted endogenously in the brain. Which works under the guidance of hormones in the hypothalamus of somatostatin and samatoliberin, the former inhibits the secretion of the release of growth hormone in the pituitary gland, and the latter, on the contrary, enhances its production in the intermediate part of the brain. This hormone has a composition of 191 amino acids, while maintaining its structure. Growth hormone acts on a complex of receptors in the human body, both outside and inside membrane cells, they are aimed only at burning fat and synthesizing glucose from non-carbohydrate components, mainly in the liver and only 10% in the kidneys. After taking the drug and following the diet and exercise regimen for several weeks, you will see:e instructions indicate many different adverse reactions, after numerous studies that have already been carried out on subjects with various diseases. But it should be noted that athletes and athletes who are doing well with health, when taking growth hormone, may experience a slight effect: headache, itching, pain in the wrists, burning sensation at the puncture site. It is also worth noting that with very long-term use of the drug, deterioration of vision may develop, fatigue, acromegaly (increased growth of all tissues and bones in the human body) will increase. This drug should not be used: pregnant women, during lactation, with benign or malignant tumors, allergies, after surgery and diabetes.


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