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Noltrex is injected only into the joint cavity. In the presence of free fluid in the joint, it is desirable to achieve cessation of exudation and inject 


noltrex is injected only into the joint cavity. In the presence of free fluid in the joint, it is desirable to achieve cessation of exudation and inject http://www.tacomavetmedication.com

• 3-dimensional polyacrylamide,%: 4.0 ± 1.5;
• purified water,%: 96.0 ± 1.5;
• silver ions,%: 0.0001 – 0.0025.


BVISA Endoprosthesis of synovial fluid noltrex  according to TU 9398-001-52820385-2015, version . Material-biopolymer water-containing with silver ions “Argiform” (material BVISA) for endoprosthetics of synovial fluid. High viscosity high molecular weight gelatinous polymer, color from transparent to light yellow, sterile.   is a synthetic material for endoprosthetics and correction of the viscoelastic properties of the joint synovial fluid. Does not contain animal substances. Due to the high density of the gel, the presence of a small number of bubbles in the volume of the syringe is acceptable.

Mechanism of action

NOLTREX   works by restoring the viscosity of synovial fluid in joints affected by osteoarthritis. As a result of this, the pain syndrome is stopped, and the mobility of the joint improves. A feature of the material is a longer action in comparison with pharmaceuticals and materials that replenish the viscosity of an inovial fluid, as well as bacteriostatic properties due to the presence of silver ions.

Tissue and cellular response to intra-articular injection: the material forms a complex compound with the synovium, which optimizes the metabolism of the articular tissues. The introduction does not lead to the development of synovitis and dystrophic process in the cartilage. The tissue reaction is minimal, manifested by hyperplasia and eviction of type A synoviocytes (macrophages) into the articular cavity. Biodegradation occurs through resorption by macrophages and non-cellular lysis. It undergoes very slow biodegradation, decomposing to an inert polymer, after which it is excreted through a glomerular filter without damaging the kidney tissue.

Indications for use

noltrex™ is  intended for the treatment of any stage of osteoarthritis (osteoarthritis) of the joints.

Method of administration and dosage

noltrex™ is  intended for use only by qualified medical personnel (in accordance with the law) as a synthetic implant material for intra-articular injection.

Information for doctors

Introduce  into the joint cavity using the 18Gx1½ and 21Gx1½ needles included in the kit. In the presence of free fluid in the joint, it is desirable to achieve cessation of exudation and inject the material 48-72 hours









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