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OPTICORTENOL S – 20ML is an excellent product, has the best properties of dexamethasone and prednisolone. to implement a general or local glucocorticoterapia because it promotes gluconeogenesis and induces an anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and anti-toxic effects of prolonged action.

The main indications are: arthritis, synovitis, inflammation of the tendon sheaths, strains, itching, eczema, dermatitis, as an adjuvant in infectious diseases.

Used for pre-competition training, raises performance and pain tolerance, delivering speed and strength gain in training instances.

Therapy Dosage and

From 0.016 to 0.025 ml/kg of body weight (1.6 to 2.5 ml/100 kg bodyweight) of 0.04 mg of dexamethasone trimeltilacetato and 0.12 mg of prednisolone – 0.0625 and 0.1875 mg of dexamethasone trimetilacetato mg prednisolone / kg body weight. Local treatment: from 1 to 3 ml (where 1 ml corresponds to 0.005 mg / kg body weight of Dexamethasone trimetilacetato and 0,015 mg / kg bodyweight of prednisolone)

Dose for pre-racing: OPTICORTENOL S – 20ML

camel:  5 ml IM/IV for 3 days, suspend 5 days before the race. Is a product of deposit and prolonged effect

Horse: 5 to 7 ml IM/IV for 3 days, suspend 5 days before the race. Is a product of deposit and prolonged effect

OPTICORTENOL S – 20ML Composition

Dexamethasone Trimethylacetate 2.5 mg/ml and

Prednisolone 7.5 mg/ml


Eache 100 ml contains

250mg Dexamethasone Trimethylacetate

750 mg Prednisolone

100 ml Sterile water



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