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Pentosan Injection 250mg/ml



Pentosan Injection 250mg/ml a concentrated anti-inflammatory and stimulant of cartilage synthesis, repair and protection.Contains:  Sodium Pentosan that is approved for the treatment of an inflammatory condition of the bladder called “interstitial cystitis”. When injected twice per week for 6 weeks, Pentosan has been shown to improve painful bone marrow lesions under worn cartilage in knee osteoarthritis patients

Features and Benefits:  Sodium polysulfate (PPS) is a linear polymer prepared from xylan, a complex hemicellulose extract of the plant (Beechwood) origin.  PPS is one of the sulfated heparinoid compounds.  The heparin like anti-coagulant effects have been reduced and the anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic and tissue trophic effects have been enhanced.
actively reverses the effects of osteoarthritis in the joints via a series of actions including:
repair and.Contains:  Sodium pentosan polysulfate 250mg/ml, glucosamine 150mg/ml, hyaluronic acid 2.5mg/ml
2.  Anti-inflammatory Activity:  PPS has an inhibitory action on all mediators of the arachidonic acid cascade.  PPS also inhibits the lysosomal catabolic enzymes histamine, hyaluronidase, cathepsin B, and polymorphonuclear elastase.  PPS exerts a specific inhibitory effect on mediators implicated in the degradation of cartilage matrix components, preserving the cartilage and thus preventing the release of the highly inflammatory mediators, which relieves pain and inflammation.http://www.tacomavetmedication.com
(c) Fibrinolysis and Lipolysis:  PPS is strongly fibrinolytic, stimulating the release of plasminogen activator and promotes the dissolution of thrombi and fibrin deposits in synovial tissues and subchondral blood vessels.  PPS also mobilizes lipids and cholesterol in synovial and subchondral blood vessels, which have been implicated in the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis in older animals. These effects combine to increase the pre-fusion to the joint, which stimulates cartilage healing and repair.  Pentosan Platinum is a very sophisticated approach to the long term management of osteoarthritis in horses.  Unlike traditional treatments, the unique effects of Pentosan Platinum promote the healing and the restoration of a healthy joint, in addition to having a safe anti-inflammatory effect.  Pentosan Platinum is NOT a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like Phenylbutazone nor the cortisones (both of which have damaging effects on joints with prolonged use).  Pentosan Platinum does not suppress


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