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super shot has a potent cardiotonic, circulatory and respiratoryis  action. Significantly increases oxygenation, especially during exertion and eliminates fatigue and is a good medication for camel and horse race


Super Shot injection 100ml for sale

Winning a race is a matter of preparation. Boost yours with a cheap Super Shot injection for horses as they get ready for the physical test on the track. Super Shot 100ml is a powerhouse of vitamins, amino acids, and energy-producing ingredients that make your thoroughbred’s abilities unbeatable.

This product is a boon for horses and camels. It’s formulated with a respiratory, cardiotonic, and circulatory boost in a 100ml bottle. Adenosine triphosphate, sodium succinate, and coenzyme Q10 are the backbone of this formula that work together to turbocharge energy production in your equine athlete. No longer will you settle for non-winning performance, as Super Shot elevates the game to extraordinary levels.

The equine Super Shot can be given as an IV/IM shot to trigger an unparalleled surge in vitality and endurance. Upon administering it, fatigue tapers off as the substance enhances oxygenation during exercise, allowing your thoroughbred to perform better with each stride.

You can also buy the Super Shot injection for equine treatments. It can be beneficial for respiratory problems that force your animal’s racing abilities to take a hit. For treatments, the product can be given to most equine breeds as long as it’s vet-approved.

Dosage and preparation

If your equine is already registered for a competition, you can start Super Shot with two shots per day. You will want to administer the combined 5ml prepared in two injections. Don’t exceed this dose, and stop the substance ahead of the event. It’s best to forgo the booster two days before the competition to adhere to regulations.

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